The Basil Garden

17 Years

Founded in September of 2005, The Basil Garden is soon to celebrate its 17th anniversary of delivering fresh and high quality meals to students and families in the El Paso Community

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About Us

The Basil Garden is a family-owned business dedicated to delivering fresh and high quality meals to educational institutions. Our mission is to maximize the growth and learning ability of students by delivering nutrient dense meals using only the freshest and best ingredients. 

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Why choose The Basil Garden?

Balanced Meals

Our purpose is to deliver the highest nutritional value to students in every meal. Our nutritionists make well rounded and nutrient dense dishes that support the health and learning ability of students.

Quality Guaranteed

Our 17 years of experience and successful track record speak for themselves. Quality in our food and delivery schedules are always guaranteed to be to your satisfaction.

Quality Ingredients

Our purchasing department is focused on sourcing fresh and high quality ingredients to maximize the nutritional yield of every meal served.

Family Owned

Being family owned allows us to make great decisions while keeping your best interest in mind for quality and service.