The Basil Garden

16 Years

Of serving happy clients in the El Paso Community

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About Us

The  Basil Garden was founded in 2005 by Olivia Cabildo with the purpose of delivering high quality food catering services to the El Paso Community. 

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Why choose The Basil Garden?

We contribute our 18 years of success to our following values:

Balanced Meals

Feel great about enjoying our delicious meal options because rest assured we go beyond measures to keep food healthy

Always on time

Our business operations are designed to prevent any possibility of delays in our service

Fresh Ingredients

All of our ingredients from meats to vegetables and fruits are purchased fresh from the store

Family Owned

Being family owned allows us to make great decisions while keeping your best interest in mind for quality and service

Our Services

School Catering

We are proud to have catered EPCC, Cathedral, St. Patricks and over a total of 20 schools in the El Paso community.

Office Catering

We also cater to government offices, elderly homes, hospital employees, pharmaceutical meetings and more.

Any contractual need

We are open to considering any food service opportunity that is offered to us under a contractual relationship.

Home of the Famous

Paella Valenciana

The Basil Garden is known for having the best rated Paella in town. Orders start at catering for 15 persons or more.

Our Blog

Where we Started

Where we Started

The Basil Garden was founded by Olivia Cabildo in 2004 at the address 5360 N Mesa St. El Paso, TX 79912. Operations began at this locale where food was cooked for catering events while customers were able to enjoy a store front restaurant to eat the delicious dishes that are also offered for catering. The […]