The Basil Garden

The Basil Garden was founded by Olivia Cabildo in 2004 at the address 5360 N Mesa St. El Paso, TX 79912. Operations began at this locale where food was cooked for catering events while customers were able to enjoy a store front restaurant to eat the delicious dishes that are also offered for catering.

The most known tradition of the first Basil Garden restaurant is that Paella Valenciana was served only on Thursdays and Fridays as it is accustomed in the Spanish culture. Every Thursday and Friday was filled with our loyal customers who were excited about the weekend because they were able to come in and purchase Paella dishes for dine in and take out.

Anita served our kitchen since it was initially opened and until it officially closed in 2017. You might remember her kindness and the kind service that she always offered to everyone who came to the Basil Garden kitchen. At the moment we no longer offer a sit down kitchen setting to our customers (until further notice). However, we do continue to offer exceptional catering service and we still continue to make our delicious Paella Valenciana every weekend for you and your catering needs.

Please reach out to us for any catering needs you have at (915) 727-8812

Kind Regards